Should I do the circumcision at home or at Circumcision Manchester?

Is there a difference between Muslim, Jewish or African circumcision?

The actual circumcision is the same, there are just different customs as when to do the procedure.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured and registered with the Initiation Society of Circumcisers. The initiation Society was established over 250 years ago to insure train and monitor safe practices of circumcision in the United Kingdom.

What circumcision method do you use?

We are a traditional circumcision clinic. The procedure is very quick and takes about 10 seconds. We also do not use stitches or a plastibell which decreases the risk of infection.

What is the best age for circumcision?

We can’t stress enough that the younger the babies the better it is for circumcision. We recommend under 4 weeks providing the babies are over 6 pounds and healthy.

AFTERCARE FAQs: Do I need to bring him back to be seen?

In most cases parents do not find it necessary to bring the child back for a check as all heals and will look fine. If you would like a check-up and reassurance or if you have any concerns, then you ... Read more

Why does my baby’s penis look bent to one side?

Some babies have a slight curve to the penis. It becomes more obvious to see once the baby has had a circumcision. This is not as a result of the circumcision. It is common and is how he has been ... Read more

The Shaft seems to be attached to the head of my baby’s penis and I can’t see the groove, is this normal?

In some cases, especially if the child has developed baby fat, the shaft can come adhered to the head of the penis. This can happen if one is not doing the popping out exercises as described in question 4. If ... Read more

It has been 10 days and there is still a little bit of healing, some yellow stuff and a little swollen?

The healing can take between 4 – 14 days. A little bit of swelling can sometimes persist for few weeks. If it does not settle, then please contact us.

I have noticed a small bit of blood when changing his nappy, should i be concerned?

A small little bit of blood is nothing to worry about. We are only concerned if you see fresh active bleeding. It is rare but something you must check for in the first 24 hours.

Is that yellow stuff not infection?

Every baby during the healing process will produce a gooey, yellow substance. This is not a sign of infection and is a normal part of the healing process. It should start decreasing after the first 48/72 hrs. If this is ... Read more

Our baby’s penis is becoming hidden, is this normal?

Many boys develop a layer of baby fat in front of the pubic bone. This usually happens from about 3 months to 2 years. Because many babies’ penises are sitting in a lower position they can become partially to fully ... Read more

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